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Leadership Kickstarters

Foundational leadership training experience that explores the “basics.”

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8 Hours, 10-15 Participants

Session 1 – Building Leaders of Character
Ethical constructs and dilemmas; practical exercises that offer solutions to common, business-oriented, “sticky” situations.

Session 2 – Understanding Emotional Intelligence
This small group discussion introduces participants to emotional intelligence as defined by Daniel Goleman. This session highlights the critical relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership excellence.

Session 3 – Leader as Self
The responsibility we bear to consider who we are as leaders is a big one. Before we begin to work productively with others, this leadership identity must be determined.

Journeys to Greatness

Tailored and effective programming that evolves with your team.  

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12-24 months, 10-30 participants

Tailored program for your organization’s specific needs. Needs are determined via organizational assessments and we ultimately work with leadership cohorts you specify (from the line to the boardroom). This program evolves with your team as you learn and grow. Topics include:

  • All Leadership Boot Camp topics
  • Building your Organizational Leadership Brand
  • Communicating as a Leader
  • Building on Accountability Culture
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Practical Succession Planning
  • “Virtual Staff Rides” or Capstone Exercises


One on One Coaching

Figure out your next steps with personal, 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

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Catalyzer employs a question-based leadership coaching framework, modeled after the seven-question outline offered in the book, The Coaching Habit. We believe that the most effective coaching conversations are guided discussions where the coachee is allowed to figure out what they should be doing for themselves.


Tailored assessments provide insight for personal and team growth.

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We believe many organizations are at the point of “assessment fatigue.” At Catalyzer, assessments are an integral element for other programs and coaching and only used where the insights they provide have specific application.


Leadership development training

There is a war for talent raging all over the country and turnover is not only disruptive, it is exceedingly expensive. Smart companies with well-developed, effective leadership are much better postured to mitigate these challenges. It is way more cost-effective to keep your current employees engaged than it is to find, hire, and train new ones.


Turnover Rate


Annual Loss


New Hire Cost


This process is among the very few non-negotiables we have. It is critical to establish a foundational understanding of your organization. With that understanding, we develop world-class programs that are specific to your organization and context.


Understanding You

In the Discovery phase, we work to understand you or your organization by asking questions directly or through survey instruments and then analyze the response. Discovery outcomes provide better organizational insight into conflicts in alignment, organizational structure and culture.


Creating a Plan

Represents Catalyzer’s Discovery analysis and recommendations to include an acknowledgment as to whether we believe we can assist in achieving the organization’s intended program outcomes and our proposal for growth. 


To bring tailored, world-class leadership development to every organization in every corner of this country, and to help grow those organizations – one leader at a time.

We tapped into our West Point knowledge and unique business experiences to create a customizable model for future leaders utilizing character, empathy, trust and accountability (CETA).

  • Advanced Degrees 80% 80%
  • College Level Teaching Experience 60% 60%
  • Experienced Business Professionals 70% 70%
Catalyzer Facilitator Exemplifies Leadership Lessons

Catalyzer Facilitator Exemplifies Leadership Lessons

As a business executive and owner, Guy Hatch has solved complex problems and earned national and regional awards for excellence, innovation, and quality. But all that may have never happened without the interest and investment of a coach, a farmer, and a teacher decades ago.

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The Great Resignation? Nope…The Great Job Flea Market

The Great Resignation? Nope…The Great Job Flea Market

Our organization spends lots of time on the road with the organizations we support, and when the pandemic began accelerating last February/March, we were reluctantly forced home. But not for long. Eighty-eight days after suspending travel, we were back at it and have...

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I liken a lot of the things we’ve done in the past to a can of soup. What you get is what you get. With Catalyzer, you have options, you can add whatever ‘ingredients’ you like to make it your own. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance to work with them.
Van Sullivan

President, Trideum Corporation

You may be among the best facilitation teams I’ve ever encountered.


Multi-Region Training Lead, McDonald’s Corporation

They are living examples of the values they espouse, Character, Empathy, Trust, and Accountability.
Mark Hynes

Former Director of Human Resources, Utility Trailer

The Agency’s long-standing relationship with Catalyzer has been instrumental in developing current and future leaders at the first-line supervisor and middle-management levels. Their ability to connect and facilitate unfiltered conversations with our staff has allowed for better collaboration across our organizational divisions, promoted accountability, and empowered problem-solving.

Matt Lewis

Former Sheriff, Mesa County Sheriff’s Office (Colorado)

The guidance provided by Catalyzer has accelerated our identification of needed changes in leadership makeup and structure to become a more efficient and effective team. I truly value their perspectives!

Bank President/CEO

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