We deal with relationships, not transactions


Previously known as LGL Leadership, Catalyzer combines rigorous leadership study with unique, high-energy programs and delivered by a cadre of accomplished leadership practitioners. Our relationship-focused programs are tailored to each organization and delivered so as to ensure translation from the training room to the workplace.

Founded in 2010, the company is privileged to enjoy engagements across disparate industries, and for commercial, private and nonprofit organizations. We bring no agenda other than to work as hard as we know how to in order to maximize individual leader and organizational success.


Who a leader really is at his/her core.


How a leader of character must interact with those they lead.


Empathy filled relationships build trust.


Trust yields the ability to hold others accountable.

Leaders Influenced


Unique Modules

Dedicated Professionals


“We’re a jazz band, not an orchestra.”

We are a leadership and organizational development company led by West Point graduates and former military leaders who have successfully transitioned those skillsets into business. We focus on tailored, longer-term engagements that translate best practices for leadership development into each organization’s unique context.

Stephen A. Ingalls

President and CEO

Dennis S. Passovoy

Vice President and Principal

Christopher D. H. John

Vice President and Principal

Joseph Doty, PhD

Vice President and Principal

Guy Hatch

Senior Facilitator

Jonathan Smidt

Senior Facilitator

Bob Maki

Senior Facilitator

Katina Maddox


Kevin Huggins, PhD

Senior Facilitator

Leigh Branham

Senior Facilitator

Maritza (Ritz) Ryan, JD

Senior Facilitator

Ellen Houlihan

Senior Facilitator

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