Lansing, Kansas – June 1, 2022: The June 2022, edition of CIO Views magazine, an issue dedicated to showcasing the Top 10 Most Influential People in Leadership Consulting, features Catalyzer CEO, Stephen Ingalls, and his continuing leadership journey. Using an interview format, Steve offers insight into current organizational leadership challenges like recruiting and retention using his own Catalyzer leadership development as a backdrop.

Dennis Passovoy, Catalyzer’s Chairman of the Board, states, “On behalf of the Catalyzer board, CIO Views’ recognition of Steve reflects the tireless efforts he and the entire Catalyzer team devote to helping companies be better versions of themselves. The culture of a company is frequently its greatest asset, and Catalyzer aims to help a company’s management team learn ways to optimize and then leverage that advantage.”

CIO Views’ magazine vision is to keep readers up to date with informative insights on business strategies, technological hacks, and innovation, and provides a source of motivation for readers by highlighting the journeys of successful business leaders.
Their readers are often in search of knowledge that boosts ideas and creativity from a business or technological perspective.

Catalyzer is a Kansas-based, veteran-owned small business that believes servant leadership drives success and changes the world for the better. We practice servant leadership through relationships around tailored leadership development programs, one-on-one coaching, integral assessments, and studies that help you better understand your people and their place in your organization.

Since its inception, Catalyzer has developed and led over 350 separate programs impacting over 12,000 leaders for organizations nationwide and across diverse industry sectors. Organizations served include law enforcement, union/non-union manufacturing companies, community banks and their associations across seven states, engineering companies, and non-profits. Highlight organizations include McDonald’s, Utility Trailer Manufacturing, Trideum Corporation, the Boy Scouts of America, and the County Sheriffs of Colorado.

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