Lansing, Kansas – August 22, 2022: Catalyzer recently presented “Using the Great Game to Address The Great Resignation” as a virtual pre-conference workshop for the upcoming 30th Annual Great Game of Business (GGOB) Conference in Kansas City. The session was offered on August 17th, from 11AM – 1PM Central, and a recorded version, along with participant questions, is now available on the Great Game of Business website. During this well-attended workshop, Catalyzer linked contemporary challenges surrounding retention with the GGOB implementation methodology.

Stephen Ingalls, Catalyzer’s President, and CEO, states, “Catalyzer is honored to share our thoughts and experience using the GGOB methodology with such an engaged, virtual audience. Businesses around the county are suffering from this phenomenon, which has truly been unfolding since 2009. There remains a shared philosophy and great synergy between Catalyzer and Great Game because we both consider educating, empowering, and engaging people foundational in creating a great company.”

The Great Game of Business (GGOB) taps into the universal human need to win, The Great Game of Business® educates your people in the rules of business, rallies them around a common goal, empowers them to see and improve the score, and engages them by giving them an opportunity to share in the rewards— What we call a Stake in the Outcome®—presenting them with the opportunity to win as a team.

Catalyzer is a Kansas-based, veteran-owned small business that believes servant leadership drives success and changes the world for the better. We practice servant leadership through relationships around tailored leadership development programs, one-on-one coaching, integral assessments, and studies that help you better understand your people and their place in your organization.

Since its inception, Catalyzer has developed and led nearly 380 separate programs, impacting over 12,500 leaders for organizations nationwide and across diverse industry sectors. Organizations served include law enforcement, union/non-union manufacturing companies, community banks and their associations across seven states, engineering companies, and non-profits. Highlight organizations include McDonald’s, Utility Trailer Manufacturing, Tindall Corporation, the Boy Scouts of America, and the County Sheriffs of Colorado.

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