Cotswold WayLansing, Kansas – September 28, 2022: Extending from the quintessentially English market town of Chipping Campden to the Roman city of Bath, the 102 mile (164 km) Cotswold Way follows the western edge of the Cotswold Hills, along the Cotswold escarpment offers ever-changing views to the west towards the River Severn and the Malvern Hills.

Recently, Chris John, one of Catalyzer’s original founders and Directors, hiked for 9 days on this panoramic and meditative path. He observed, “The present-day leadership lessons exemplified on this journey mirrors life. Not everyone demonstrates a mastery of the journey and that’s where service to others, by way of rendering assistance or encouragement builds capability on the trail and in the workplace.”

“These experiences by our Catalyzer team add to the richness of our thinking, and actions with each other and with our client companies in a subtle, yet substantive, way,” said Stephen Ingalls, Catalyzer’s President and CEO. “Chris’ example also reminds us of the increasing necessity to take some time for ourselves and our thinking away from the day-to-day.”

Catalyzer is a Kansas-based, veteran-owned small business that believes servant leadership drives success and changes the world for the better. We practice servant leadership through relationships around tailored leadership development programs, one-on-one coaching, integral assessments, and studies that help you better understand your people and their place in your organization.

Since inception, Catalyzer has developed and led over 350 separate programs impacting nearly 12,000 leaders for organizations nationwide and across diverse industry sectors. Organizations served include law enforcement, union/non-union manufacturing companies, community banks and their associations across seven states, engineering companies, and non-profits. Highlight organizations include McDonald’s, Utility Trailer Manufacturing, Trideum Corporation, the Boy Scouts of America, and the County Sheriffs of Colorado.

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