Community Bankers Association of Ohio (CBAO) HR ConferenceLansing, Kansas – January 9. 2023:  Catalyzer CEO Stephen Ingalls headlines the 2023 Community Bankers Association of Ohio (CBAO) Human Resources Conference, scheduled for February 2023, in Columbus Ohio. CBAO is a state-wide community bank professional organization exclusively increasing the value of independent financial institutions since 1974.

Ingalls’ topic, “’The Pivot’ Is Coming – Ready or Not, and What You Should Be Doing About It” highlights the unmistakable trajectory of turnover that we believe threatens conventional thinking about retention and those attendant tools used to strengthen it.

Ingalls, Catalyzer’s President and CEO, stated, “While recruiting and retention appeared a new, significant challenge in mid-year 2020, our study of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that these issues have truly been unfolding steadily since 2009.  Applying this knowledge to community banking observations from across the county, and especially in Ohio, offers a patchwork of new approaches and thinking that, we believe, more effectively addresses the contemporary retention challenge.”

Catalyzer is a Kansas-based, veteran-owned small business that believes servant leadership drives success and changes the world for the better. We practice servant leadership through relationships around tailored leadership development programs, one-on-one coaching, integral assessments, and studies that help you better understand your people and their place in your organization.

Since inception, Catalyzer has developed and led over 400 separate programs impacting nearly 13,000 leaders for organizations nationwide and across diverse industry sectors. Organizations served include law enforcement, union/non-union manufacturing companies, community banks and their associations across seven states, engineering companies, and non-profits. Highlight organizations include McDonald’s, Utility Trailer Manufacturing, Tindall Corporation, Trideum Corporation, the Boy Scouts of America, and the County Sheriffs of Colorado.

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