Case Study: Mesa County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office

Summary: 3.3+ year engagement over 5 projects (2018-2021)

The Challenge

In the summer of 2018, Catalyzer received a call from the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. Then Sheriff Matt Lewis said the Agency’s leadership team was frustrated by the decision-making they were witnessing in select front-line leaders. That fall, the Catalyzer team visited the Agency to begin working with front-line sergeants and field training officers. Their first meeting uncovered a lack of developmental programming for mid-level leadership, a problem which was also prevalent in manufacturing at the time, where the focus was on training senior-level leaders.

The Goal

To develop a professional cadre of front-line leaders to fill a critical void in leadership at the Sheriff’s Office.

The Solution

Catalyzer’s first meeting with the Mesa County Sherriff’s Office in fall of 2018 led to a year-long program focused on developing four leadership skills in front-line leaders, Sergeants and field training officers. The success of that endeavor resulted in Catalyzer’s engagement for an additional two years, in which Catalyzer built and delivered front-line leader-focused modules on topics identified by the Command Staff. In the third year, Catalyzer sustained the engagement with another custom program.

The Results

“Catalyzer’s ability to take a diverse group of people who were not familiar with each other and make them comfortable enough to engage in discussion and sharing stood out.”

“In execution, they delivered far beyond expectations.”

After our engagement with Catalyzer, “we have a better group of supervisors and a better connection between our first-line supervisors and executive staff as a result of the honest and open dialog this company has facilitated.”

“The ability of this company to customize their approach and material to address whatever specific needs you may have sets them apart from many canned programs. This is also a very different model of training where you actively participate, rather than sit in a room and get talked at.”

“Catalyzer provided training products to address specific Agency needs; they provided direct and honest feedback about things you may not even know about your own organization.”

What Came Next

Catalyzer was able to effectively address a number of challenges presented by those front-line leaders, dramatically improving engagement of a critical level of leadership at Mesa County. Sheriff Lewis credited Catalyzer’s ability to “relate to folks in a profoundly authentic way” as the reason he selected the Catalyzer team over other competitors. Lewis has since moved on to lead Mesa County’s Judicial Services Division, where he plans to reengage Catalyzer to support the professional development of county employees. Catalyzer continues to have an impact on the quality of Colorado’s law enforcement through its relationship with Mesa County, the County Sheriffs of Colorado and other sheriffs’ Agencies and county governments throughout the state.

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