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Then from the WordPress admin menu, go to Divi Overlays > Add New; and write a title for the overlay. Note: This title is for your internal reference only. It won’t be displayed in the overlay itself.       Next, click the purple “Use The Divi Builder” button to activate the builder for this overlay.       In this example, we’re going to import one of the included sample layouts, however you could also start creating in the Divi builder from scratch if you’d like.       If you choose to import a sample overlay layout (instead of creating from scratch), then go ahead and get the sample layout (.json file) handy, we’ll upload it in a second. You can find the Divi Overlays sample template layous in your Divi Life “My Account” page under Downloads.     To import an overlay template layout, click on the portability icon (up and down arrow icon) in the upper right hand corner of the Divi Builder.  

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