Case Study: Community Bankers Association of Ohio

Summary: 7.3+ year engagement over 7 total projects (2016 – present)

The Challenge

In 2016, Ralph Lober, CEO and President of Consumers National Bank, was the chair of The Community Bankers Association of Ohio (CBAO). Considering the organization’s usual approach, Lober believed the organization would stay mired in the status quo by continuing to emphasize technical aspects of banking over human ones. Therefore, under his direction, the CBAO adopted “leadership” as its theme and focus for the year. The CBAO backed up its intention by hiring Catalyzer to facilitate their run-up regional meetings and the educational programs at their annual convention.

The Goal

Like other associations across the nation, the CBAO had a tendency to focus on everything but leadership. In this year, they hoped to change this – not only to boost engagement over their competitor, Ohio Bankers’ League, but also to serve as a model for engagement in associations around the nation, driving up profitability and enabling better programming and lobbying for members.

The Solution

Catalyzer built and delivered multiple, highly engaging, people-focused programs for CBAO in that season. The effectiveness of those engagements has resulted in Catalyzer’s continued programmatic support across several subsequent annual conventions and for several of their member community banks. While Ralph Lober was the initial champion for Catalyzer, CBAO continues to choose Catalyzer because bankers appreciate the discipline and framework proffered by military leaders, unexpected approaches to training, and professional delivery of the highest caliber.

Results & Feedback

“We were impressed by Catalyzer’s energy and the focus placed on improving leaders in an organization.”

“Over a two-year contract that engaged our staff to understand the importance of leadership, Catalyzer made my team even better and committed to our organization. I am not sure if that would have come out in a normal leadership class where only one person at a time could participate.”

“With the discussion of the topics prior to the meetings, they always delivered what was needed. I never found one topic they were not familiar with and had experience in – personally and from other banks.”

“These guys are the real deal.”

“Catalyzer doesn’t appear to be in it for either the money, success, glory, or fame. Making a difference in individuals that can impact the world on a much broader scale is where their heads are.”

What Came Next

Facilitating the CBAO’s run-up regional meetings and the educational content at the convention in Columbus was a breakout moment for Catalyzer in Ohio. The endeavor launched Catalyzer into other direct engagements with several banks throughout Ohio, as well as introductions to banking associations in adjacent states and nationally. Catalyzer remains engaged with CBAO as an Associate Member, routinely supporting their Ohio programming with people-focused modules and discussions.

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