Lansing, Kansas – Feb 1, 2023: Dennis Passovoy, Chairman of the Board, Catalyzer, will present a talk, “Thoughtful Leadership”, at the annual Supply Chain and Operations Expo (SCOPE) Conference. The conference brings together food service logistics professionals focused on preprepared food for large institutional-type settings. Hosted in Austin, Texas, February 19-21, 2023, Dennis will address the current leadership themes of team building, quiet-quitting, and creativity. His remarks reflect Catalyzer’s efforts with current clients in manufacturing, professional services, and law enforcement.

Dennis, who is also Assistant Professor of Instruction, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin, states, “It’s an honor to address this group of industry professionals and my hope that these comments will elicit new thinking and encourage dialogue.”

Stephen Ingalls, Catalyzer President, and CEO, adds, “We’re excited for Dennis and this opportunity to apply Dennis’ lifelong learning on the people side of business decisions and actions. I’m certain attendees will walk away with a renewed approach to leading their teams.”

Catalyzer is a Kansas-based, veteran-owned small business that believes servant leadership drives success and changes the world for the better. We practice servant leadership through relationships around tailored leadership development programs, one-on-one coaching, integral assessments, and studies that help you better understand your people and their place in your organization.

Since inception, Catalyzer has developed and led over 400 separate programs impacting over 13,500 leaders for organizations nationwide and across diverse industry sectors. Organizations served include law enforcement, union/non-union manufacturing companies, community banks and their associations across seven states, engineering companies, and non-profits. Highlight organizations include McDonald’s, Utility Trailer Manufacturing, Tindall Corporation, Trideum Corporation, the Boy Scouts of America, and the County Sheriffs of Colorado.

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